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Residential Cleaning

No amount of advertising is equal to that of a satisfied customer

I am very pleased with the work. The girls are very courteous. You couldn't ask for anything better.

Laura S
Trusted service for many years.  Never any problems. 
Friendly and thorough staff!  Thanks So Much.

Cindy B
Great staff, well done work, I will recommend company to others!

Kevin W 
I highly recommend your cleaning service and totally trust the staff. - A big thank you to all!

Nancy M
Hi Tami, I love the ladies every Wednesday. You run a great service. Need the same at my other place (Whistler). We'll talk about that.

Lois F
The staff are always pleasant and they work really hard. They clean everything from the baseboards to the picture frames.

Valerie A
I couldn't believe how fortunate I am in finding super work crew. I am so pleased with not only the work they do but also their joyous personalities.

Dora C
Thank you for your patience of me. It is so nice to leave and come back home to a nice clean home and not have to worry of lock ups and so on.

Joyce T
Not your best customer but probably one of the most satisfied.

Maureen N
I enjoy having the ladies in my home. They are quite agreeable to doing whatever I ask. They work very hard and fast. They also get right to work.

Carol A

I find your staff very professional and efficient.

Susan Y

Your staff do excellent work.

Jane J
Great Job! Thanks

Arlene S

I like the honesty of the girls in reporting anything that gets damaged in the cleaning process.

Tami, your ladies did such an awesome job on Thursday, as they always do.  A big thank you.

Cecil L
Hi Tami, The girls did an outstanding job, plus everything was in it's proper place.

Carole J
I have been very happy with the girls work.

Trish R

We are pleased with your cleaning help.

Beverly N

You and your staff do an outstanding job every time you come in to do a cleaning. Thorough, fresh smelling, and putting everything in a 'homely' way is the only way I can describe on each visit.

Dean H
When I saw my house this morning I was SO HAPPY!  They did an amazing job Tami,  and Dave Hill who is painting the walls (Wonderwalls is his company) took the name of your company because he was so impressed with them too.  

They were delightful.  When I got to the house I saw a little pile of shoes outside the door, as if elves were inside..... So sweet.

Nancy G