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Residential Cleaning

No amount of advertising is equal to that of a satisfied customer

I am very pleased with the work. The girls are very courteous. You couldn't ask for anything better.

Laura S
Trusted service for many years.  Never any problems. 
Friendly and thorough staff!  Thanks So Much.

Cindy B
Great staff, well done work, I will recommend company to others!

Kevin W 
I highly recommend your cleaning service and totally trust the staff. - A big thank you to all!

Nancy M
Hi Tami, I love the ladies every Wednesday. You run a great service. Need the same at my other place (Whistler). We'll talk about that.

Lois F
The staff are always pleasant and they work really hard. They clean everything from the baseboards to the picture frames.

Valerie A
I couldn't believe how fortunate I am in finding super work crew. I am so pleased with not only the work they do but also their joyous personalities.

Dora C
Thank you for your patience of me. It is so nice to leave and come back home to a nice clean home and not have to worry of lock ups and so on.

Joyce T
Not your best customer but probably one of the most satisfied.

Maureen N
I enjoy having the ladies in my home. They are quite agreeable to doing whatever I ask. They work very hard and fast. They also get right to work.

Carol A

I find your staff very professional and efficient.

Susan Y

Your staff do excellent work.

Jane J
Great Job! Thanks

Arlene S

I like the honesty of the girls in reporting anything that gets damaged in the cleaning process.

Cecil L
Hi Tami, The girls did an outstanding job, plus everything was in it's proper place.

Carole J
I have been very happy with the girls work.

Trish R

We are pleased with your cleaning help.

Beverly N

You and your staff do an outstanding job every time you come in to do a cleaning. Thorough, fresh smelling, and putting everything in a 'homely' way is the only way I can describe on each visit.

Dean H.